The love for Bengali food

Bengali cuisine is a culinary style originating In Bengal, a region in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent, which is now divided between Bangladesh and the West Bengal state of India. Bengali cuisine is fascinating as it caters to a range of flavours.Bengali cuisine is one of the finest blends of non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. It also has the only traditionally developed multi-course tradition from the subcontinent that is similar in structure to the modern service à la russe style of French cuisine, with food served course-wise rather than all at once.

In plate__Rice, Mulo sagg(radish sagg with garlic), Mixed Vegetable (cauliflower, bringel, green banana, potato), Fish with curry, Chicken gravy at the top.

YUMM FOOD.Bengali Sunday lunch.—pic by me



Toxic relationships are those human interactions that make us feel constantly put down, worthless, never good enough, unheard and anything that is emotionally draining us. Toxic relationships are also the ones where a physical abuse happens. While these are obvious and visible, the emotionally toxic ones are harder to see and understand, and therefore they’re harder to end, avoid or change as well.Toxic relationships are not just the ones with a life partner, they can be between mother and son/daughter, boss and employee, best friends, waiter and client and so on. Toxic relationships are, for me, those relationships that give me the feeling that I’m not taking care of myself the way I’d love to — mentally, spiritually, and physically. And we should learn to trust that inner voice rather than follow our logical mind that tells us we should stick around, keep those persons in our life and fight so that we can’t be accused of giving up too soon.Be it by speaking up, in an attempt to be heard, or putting some space between you. Need the freedom to grow, you need to trust your intuition and allow yourself to just be. No amount of constant compromise will do you any good long term.

My Beautiful Mother

You let me know you love me in so many different ways.You make me feel important with encouragement and praise. You are always there when I need you to comport and to care. I know I am in your thoughts your love follow me everywhere.I love you my wonderful mom.You are a heaven.

A mother is like a flower each one is beautiful and unique.

The Twilight

The beauty of Twilight is magical.Trying to survive in our daily life can be so stressful and draining. We need to earn money for food, pay bills on time, plan for encroaching retirement, worry about the future, and wonder how we will take care of our loved ones. And that’s just to mention a few of our anxieties. No wonder that many people today are suffering from depression and negative thoughts.During these difficult times, nature offers a respite. Step out from your concrete walls and rooms. Still your mind and open yourself up to the immense sky, the rain and snow on your skin, and the gentle whisper of the wind in your ears.Nature is healing Beauty.So we just need to see it.